Dear Patrons,

One hundred and fifty homeless kids in Warrensburg? No way! Why don’t we see them?

Hearing this statistic and not believing it prompted research by a motivated group of Warrensburg individuals who discovered the facts to unfortunately be true. Our city’s homeless kids remain unseen because they sleep in cars, live at multiple friends homes, stay temporarily in motels, and even spend cold nights in abandoned buildings right here in our own backyard - Warrensburg. One homeless girl, when asked what she wished most for Christmas answered, “A pillow.” Our goal today is to raise awareness to a growing problem and help solve it in a very unique way.

The homeless Children’s Fund, connected Hearts, is a distinctive organization because it eliminates the middleman and the red tape by partnering with the RVI School District. It directly targets the heart of the matter - the kids - and connects them to our caring community through the school system. Connected Hearts aims to help kids at the grass roots level - the classroom. Here, professional social workers, educators, and counselors discover needy students, pinpoint their specific needs, and get to know their family situations. People looking for handouts, unwilling to work, and abusing the system will be minimized because Connected Hearts identifies the recipients not vice versa. By skillfully screening a needy child and a family who is making real efforts to get ahead, aid can be appropriately be awarded. Social workers can prevent homelessness by identifying families that are one paycheck away from living on the streets without the bureaucracy.

In addition to the creative screening process, when monies are awarded, community service is mandatory. In this way, those recipients that put forth the effort to advance will receive the benefits, and the community will profit as well.

If you or your business are interested in helping prevent homelessness in Warrensburg donate to the Connected Hearts Fund, and helps us get this program underway. Together, Warrensburg can unite to help “our own,” make a positive difference in a homeless child’s life, their family, and the most definitely, our community.

Send donations directly to the Warrensburg RVI School District, If you make our a check, address it to the RVI School District and be sure to write Connected Hearts in the memo section.

Thank you for choosing to make the difference in a child’s life and the Warrensburg Community.

The Connected Hearts Staff